Dress Code

When visiting My Apartment, please respect our dress code in effect. The following apparel is NOT considered appropriate: Sagging Pants on guys, Hoodies, Running Shoes, Ripped Jeans, Track Pants, Cargo Pants, Baggy Clothing, Athletic Wear, Hats, Sleeveless Shirts (guys). Dress code is under the discretion of management. “Dress funky not junky”, like you were going out to meet someone new (because chances are…you will)! 


House Rules:

Valid, government issued photo ID will be requested at the front door. My Apartment staff reserves the right to ask for a second piece of valid, government issued photo ID when applicable. My Apartment reserves the right to refuse entry to those individuals who appear to be intoxicated (in accordance to AGCO regulations). My Apartment is constantly striving to provide a fun & safe environment for our patrons. Illegal & overly boisterous activities that threaten the safety and enjoyment of other guests will not be tolerated. In the rare and unfortunate circumstance that an issue ensues within the nightclub, please allow the My Apartment management and security staff to resolve the situation quickly and safely. DO NOT take matters into your own hands. No fighting or play fighting. One strike rule – anyone involved in an incident will not be welcomed back. If you’re going to drink, please do so at My Apartment, not at home or at another bar prior to arriving at My Apartment. Parking is free and cars left overnight will NOT be ticketed or towed (however, My Apartment cannot be responsible for loss or damage to vehicles in the plaza parking lot)